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By Coventry Stox, Jan 5 2017 11:01PM

Thanks to Jeff Davies for providing the photos on our last day at the stadium to show that it has been left in an orderly manner.

By Coventry Stox, Nov 30 2016 01:49PM

Last night Mr Sandhu held late night talks with Councillor Stokes to broker a deal to protect his assets and to allow the Stock Cars and Speedway to continue at the stadium. A deal was reached for the next three years for the continuation of Speedway and Stock Cars after an intense night of negotiations.

The deal was worked on overnight and it has been confirmed this morning that all parties are happy with the resulting agreement. Mr Sandhu has agreed to replace all the assets and reinstate the stadium fit to run next season at his cost. He has agreed to fund this because he loves speedway and stock racing with a deep wish to see it continue for the next three years and beyond at a new facility. He would have rather signed the agreement weeks ago but it was important that the partnership between Stox and speedway using the building continued as one would fail without the other so his actions were always to protect not just his assets but also both sports.

The agreement would at this stage never happened without Councillor Michael Stokes who has gone beyond what ever could have been expected and has managed to keep both sides in dialogue rather than allowing it to fall apart publicly. We will continue to work closely with Councillor Stokes on finding, securing and eventually building a replacement facility as we are now on a clock for the eventual closure of the stadium. Our commitment to make this happen is undiminished and if anything it has made us as a group more determined to make it happen.

Lastly we would like to say how pleased we are that the employees, contractors, and suppliers have a secure future for the next three years as many have worked on site for decades so this uncertainty has hurt them the most. Without these people we would find it impossible to run the stadium to the current high standards and they have proved that they too have gone beyond what could be expected which we will never forget.

We welcome our renewed relationship with Councillor Stokes, Mick Horton and the Coventry Bees as an opportunity to grow stronger together and to tackle the future jointly.

By Coventry Stox, Nov 29 2016 01:50PM

We are disappointed that Mick Horton has decided to issue a statement that infers he is shocked and unaware of the current removal of our property from the Coventry Stadium site whilst on holiday.

He knew as he has been in touch with us, with many others in speedway numerous times every day by text and e mail until 2.15pm yesterday when we received a e-mail from his lawyer that he would not be proceeding with the agreement.

Mick has also told his riders that he would understand if they decided to race elsewhere and we have always known and now confirmed that he had no intention of racing next year.

We will be making a full statement in due course.

By Coventry Stox, Nov 1 2016 12:31PM

The season finale at Coventry this Saturday will now feature the National Ministox. The young stars will be fighting it out for their World of Shale Championship which will be the first race of the evening. The start time is 5.30pm and the first F1 race will be on track 6.30pm approx. This will be the annual Whites & Yellows Championship. We then see the F1s fight it out for the Track Championship title before heading into a full race format. Throw in the UK Mods and the largest firework display the Stadium has ever seen all for just the standard price of £20 per adult.

Don't forget you can buy your tickets online to avoid the queues and enter the stadium 30 minutes before the turnstiles open.

Click back tomorrow for a full booking list from all three formulas and race format.